Digital Marketing & Web Design Private Coaching Programme

About The Training

Our Digital Marketing & Web Design Private Coaching Programme is an intensive practical training geared toward expatiating what Digital Marketing and Web Design is all about, how it works, how it can be used for brand awareness and increase business sales and profit.

This programme is a personal and practical live online class that allows you choose when you want to learn, how you want to learn and the pace at which you want to learn. The class is designed to be completely flexible to suit your needs and availability. You get to learn at your pace. 

Course Outline

1. Introduction to Digital Marketing

2. Social Media Marketing:
a. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & LinkedIn Marketing
b. Practicals on how to launch profitable Ads on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn without getting banned.
c. How to solve all Facebook & Instagram Ad Account issues (e.g disabled ad account, payment issues etc).
d. Influencer marketing
e. Learning how to deploy social media tools (and automation tools) for business profit
f. Understanding Social Media analytics to measure business growth


Course Outline

3. Web Design & Ecommerce 
a. Getting a domain name and hosting service
b. Installing WordPress
c. Developing your Website
d. Working with Plugins and Themes
e. How to build an e-commerce website or an online store

f. How to build a Blog and monetize your blog (making money from your blog)
g. Setting up SEO Plugins for your website 
h. Setting up customised email addresses
i. Setting up sub-domains
j. Setting up and understanding Google Analytics

Course Outline

4. Email Marketing:

a. How to build Email Campaigns & Newsletters

b. How to create Landing Pages to generate leads

c. How to create your Sales Funnel

d. Email Marketing copywriting

e. Marketing Automation.


5. Information Marketing: How to create & make money selling information products (e-books, audio books etc)


Course Outline

6. Search Engine Optimisation
a. Strategies to bring your website/brand on Google’s first page

b. Keyword Research


7. Google Adverts
a. Display Ads
b. Search Engine Marketing
c. Youtube Ads

8. Affiliate Marketing

9. SMS & WhatsApp Marketing: How to send bulk SMS & use WhatsApp for marketing and branding. 


Course Outline


Bonus Courses

1. How to build your  Digital Marketing Agency in 30 days & how to make your agency profitable, bankable and trustworthy (if you are seeking to go into Digital Marketing and/or Web design as a career).

2. In-depth strategies to utilise Digital Marketing and/or Web Design to market, promote and brand your business on the internet (if you are looking to use Digital Marketing and/or Web Design to grow your business)

Other benefits of the training:
1. You will be awarded certificates at completion of the training.
2. You will be learning at your pace and at your preferred time
3. You will get video recording of all sessions
4. You will be getting discounted domain name and web hosting from our partner company (If you are learning Web Design).
5. You will mentored and granted private access to your trainer
Venue: Zoom

Training fee:
1. Digital Marketing: N150,000 ($150) – 2 days weekly for 1 month
2. Web Design: N100,000 ($100) – 2 days weekly for 3 weeks
3. Digital Marketing & Web Design: N200,000 ($200) – 3 days weekly for 5 weeks

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